Friday, March 15, 2013

Wrap yourself in Anorak Magazine Issue 27: "Inventions"

Anorak Magazine Issue 27 - "It's Wheely Great!"
The lovely folk at Anorak Magazine have kindly sent us Issue 27 to take a look at, and it's a fabulous journey through the world of science and invention!

For those of you unfamiliar with Anorak, it's the happy mag for kids and it's a refreshing read for folk who are fed up with their house being inundated by plastic tat and truly awful "branded" children's magazines and comics.

So what's inside the issue? How about a look at what goes on behind the scenes of The Science Museum in London? Always a fascinating place and great to hear from resident inventor Mark Champkins about a few of the things he does in his amazing job.

The regular Anorak strips are there and with an extra 8 pages of fun, there's lots to see and do. We particularly liked seeing our favourite local museum The Pitt Rivers Museum (which I can actually see out of my window, well, through the torrential rainstorm!) which is thorougly recommended if you're ever in Oxford and looking for fascinating things to do.

There's a bonus book with the Magazine which got a huge thumbs up from us (not just because of the name). "The Gardens of Mayland" is a fun and colourful look at some truly poetic plants as they muse on their moods. Great for younger children (and it's nice and sturdy though we don't advise toddlers to get into the habit of chewing books, it's much nicer to read them!)

You can obtain Anorak Magazine by subscription from the Anorak Website, buy a single issue, or pick it up at your local independent bookseller, priced at a very reasonable £6 - a bargain for the amount of content and the hours of enjoyment you'll get from this lovely mag.

Charlotte's best bit: Clamouring for us to make her the scrumptious Toffee Cake (we will definitely give it a try this weekend! Nom!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Always, always love the sneaky peeks at my favourite country (New Zealand) in the Horace and Munkie strip. Miss that place V much!

(Very kindly sent to us for review by Anorak Publishing)

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