Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Two new books perfect for animal fans from Animal Planet and Liberty Street Publishing

Young animal fans might find it a bit difficult to get inspired in the long school summer holidays but fear not, innovative publishers Liberty Street and Animal Planet are here to save the day...!
First up is "Strange, Unusual, Gross and Cool Animals" by Charles Ghigna which is, as the title would suggest, a cornucopia of the weird, whacky, wonderful and just plain jaw-dropping species we share a planet with.

From the surly and rather hilarious looking Blobfish, to the fur-less Sphinx Cat, and of course our personal fave the amazing Aye Aye, this book covers them all and many many more with tons of amazing facts and brilliant photo illustrations throughout.

It's a really nicely presented book, and instantly engaging for kids who love that 'one upmanship' of knowing about animals their friends may never have heard of (particularly all the gross ones!)

"Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals" by Charles Ghigna is out now, published by Liberty Street.

If you prefer your animals a bit more cuddly and cute, you're also well catered for.

If you (like Charlotte) are the sort of person who can't pass a kitten, puppy or duckling without emitting a loud "Awwwwwww!" then this book is definitely for you.

Dorothea DePrisco's "Animal Bites: Baby Animals" again in the Animal Planet range of books from Liberty Street will hit you right in the feels with all manner of cute, cuddly and in a couple of cases downright ugly baby animals and birds to coo over.

You name it, and it's in here, everything from tiny baby lemurs to the most adorable kittens.

Tons of fabulous photos and facts about your favourite species, and animals you may not have heard of is packed into this adorable book.

Saint-Bernard Puppies. Too adorable for words but watch out, they grow BIG!
"Animal Bites: Baby Animals" by Dorothea DePrisco is out now, published by Liberty Street.

(Both titles kindly supplied for review).

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