Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mrs Noah's Pockets by Jackie Morris and James Mayhew (Otter-Barry Books).

Bible tales aren't really our usual sort of thing, but when you're involving Jackie Morris and James Mayhew, expect something a bit special...!
"Mrs Noah's Pockets" is actually a rather glorious and beautiful book in its own right, even before you start thinking about the infamous bible tale of Noah - who is tasked by God to build a gigantic ship to save all the animals as the world is engulfed by floods.

In this version of the story Noah is making a list of all the animals he needs to make room for - and Mrs Noah is making a huge coat with many deep pockets.

Mrs Noah's wry plan is revealed as the story unfolds, and as Noah has to make the difficult decision to list all the animals that will also be left behind, to be engulfed by the terrible storms.

This is one stunning book from start to finish, with sumptuous eye-catching artwork beautifully woven around this new twist on the well-known tale.

When the story draws to a close, it'll definitely stick in your mind and we'd easily predict that this is bound to become one of the most talked about and visually stunning books of the year.

Charlotte's best bit: When Mrs Noah's grand plan is revealed.

Daddy's favourite bit: Deftly retold, visually stunning, this is an absolute pleasure of a book to 'meet'

"Mrs Noah's Pockets" by Jackie Morris and James Mayhew is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books (kindly supplied for review). 

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